Cleveland Police and Casinos in Cleveland

Ok…so Ceasars LLC and Rock Ohio Gaming will surely provide internal security as all casinos do. But what about outside the casino…on the streets around or near the casino? With all the government cutbacks, and budget restraints of the City of Cleveland, how will the Cleveland Police Dept be able to handle the need for added patrols and officers around the casino?

Is there a budget plan in place for this? Will the city be hiring more officers to handle the extra load?

Will Cleveland residents be willing to foot the extra bill?

Write us and tell us how you feel about what may come regarding additional police officers on the streets near the casino.

Casino Jobs for Who?

With all the hype about jobs appearing in new Cleveland Casino venture, how many have actually considered the fact that with Ceasars LLC involved, many of those positions have the possiblilty of going to people with prior casino experience in other states? Consider that as a business entity, a casino does everything in its power to keep the odds in favor of the House, right? With that question in mind; hiring and training inexperienced casino staff takes more time and thus reduces the odds in favor of the House. Time lost…is money lost! What direction might this new casino venture in Cleveland take in regards to hiring?

Let us know what you think about this opinion and send us your comments!

Casino Jobs

The lines have started already for those vying for jobs at the new Casino in Cleveland. What most that are contacting this site are asking at this time is, “HOW CAN I APPLY, what qualifications are required, how extensive is the background check, and when does the hiring begin, and just how many jobs are really available?” 

There could be many careers that will be made available with the opening of new Casino in Cleveland. The opening of the casino could create over 1000 new jobs, and Cleveland area residents are already seeking information as to how to apply for these new positions. Unfortunately, hopeful applicants with have to wait for an avenue to apply for those positions. This site receives many requests for information about applying, but this site is not associated in any way to the developers, operators, investors, owners, management or staff or associated businesses or contractors of any casino entity!

Casino in Cleveland

The first phase of the new Casino in Cleveland

The Casino will open sometime in the future in a former department store, Higbees downtown Cleveland, and is to be renovated at a cost of over $300 million.

It will be located on four floors of the old Higbee department store.

The initial casino phase will include more than a lot of slot machines, many table games and probably a VIP players lounge.

The next step of the casino project will likely to be to build one block away on a riverfront location.

Voters are still waiting for news on what will transpire with the other 2 not yet named casinos to come as both the Cleveland and the Cincinnati casinos will carry some brand name, probably from the Las Vegas area.